Focus on Nutrition

Focus on Nutrition

Salt: a food essential to life

We often forget that salt is essential to the smooth working of our organism.

Its contains sodium and chloride* :

  • - Which allow the muscles to contract, especially the heart muscle
  • - And help to regulate arterial blood pressure

However, we must be careful not to consume too much

Sodium can be harmful to health if it is consumed to excess (effect on blood pressure). Salt is one of the main sources of sodium in our diet. The public authorities have advised manufacturers to reduce the amount of salt they put in their products. Some have agreed to do this by signing Nutritional Commitment Charters.


The NNHP (National Nutrition and Health Programme) recommends a consumption of 6g of salt per day.
The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends not exceeding 5g per day.

*Sodium helps to maintain normal muscle function. A reduction in sodium consumption helps to maintain a normal blood pressure.