Organic Products

Organic Products

Which salts can I use for organic products?

Since January 2009, the regulations that apply to all forms of organic production and distribution are:

  • - Regulation 834/2007/EC of 28 June 2007 relating to organic production and the labelling of organic products
  • - Regulation 889/2008/EC of 05/09/2008 relating to the arrangements for its application.

The salt that has been defined in collaboration with Ecocert for organic products is therefore:

  • - A salt that is obtained only by mechanical, physical, biological, enzymatic or bacterial processes, such as sea salt, in accordance with article 21 of regulation 834/2007.
  • - And is therefore additive-free. Part A of index VIII of regulation 008/889 does not authorize the E535 anti-caking agent (which is used for most of our salts).

Le Saunier de Camargue Ecocert-approved salts

To meet the requirements of this regulation, Salins offers a range of 5 untreated sea salts under the "Le Saunier de Camargue" brand that may be used for organic products::

  • - Dried fine salt
  • - Dried coarse salt
  • - Drained coarse salt
  • - Fine nitrite curing salt
  • - Fleur de sel

CThese salts are checked by Ecocert and are shown on the website :
This is the official seal of approval of our products by Ecocert and is valid as a certification.

These untreated salts have to be stored particularly carefully to avoid mass consolidation :
i.e. dry, temperate premises with no variations in temperature and humidity.