Salt and the environment

Salt and the environment

Salins is committed to controlling the impact of its activities on the environment.

For refined salt

We use a mechanical steam compression installation: the impact on the nev is thus minimized by using the best technologies available.

For sea salt

Sea salt production has a positive impact on the environment

  • • A salt produced by renewable energy, through the combined action of the sun and the wind, which cause the sea water to evaporate naturally and crystallize into salt.
  • • By creating ecological treasures: this form of salt marsh production takes up huge areas of Mediterranean coastal wetlands, which it permanently protects and preserves as natural environments of great interest for their plant and animal life.

These areas have been awarded the main countryside protection labels:

  • • ZNIEFF (Natural Area of Ecological Interest for its Plant and Animal Life)
  • • Incorporated into the Camargue Regional Park
  • • Listed in the RAMSAR Convention inventory
  • • Natura 2000 Site for the application of the European "Birds" and "Habitat" directives