Our Essentiel Low Sodium Salts:

La Baleine Essentiel


La Baleine Essentiel is the 1st sodium-reduced solution OF MARINE ORIGIN with the same salting power as conventional salt.

It reduces sodium consumption by up to 50% by replacing it with MAGNESIUM, CALCIUM and POTASSIUM: 3 minerals from the sea that are essential to our bodies.

- 50% less sodium

- 100% marine mineral salts

- Taste identical to salt, with no aftertaste

- Preserved technological functions: texture, color, etc.


baleine essentiel


Palletization: 99 bags of 10kg / pallet



Fournisel Essentiel

fournisel texte

Fournisel Essentiel, the optimum solution for reducing salt in your breads, 20% less sodium and just as much taste!

Thanks to marine minerals, Fournisel Essentiel enables you to :

- Reduce sodium by 20%.

- Preserve salty taste

- Respect public health recommendations of 16g salt/kg

With Fournisel Essentiel, reduce sodium content without changing your habits! The salt content, organoleptic qualities and rheological properties remain the same for your preparations.


less sodium