Sustainable development at Salins :

At Salins, we are committed to environmental protection, respect for human rights, labor standards and the fight against corruption.

The Salins Group is committed to a proactive approach to sustainable development. This applies in particular to purchasing, subcontracting and leasing contracts, which are an important component of our business activities.

les salins d'aigues mortes

This charter testifies to the willingness of Salins Group companies to promote the application of sustainable development principles among their suppliers, contractors, subcontractors and service providers.

Our Group's salt production system is an example of sustainable development using renewable energies and resulting in the presence of a remarkable biological wealth. On the Aigues-Mortes site, over 200 bird species and 278 plant species have been recorded. We are aware of the major ecological interest of this site. We are committed to preserving and developing the biodiversity of the Aigues-Mortes salt marsh, a wetland of international importance. Innovative measures to encourage the reproduction of vulnerable, rare or endangered birds have been in place for many years. The Group has decided to promote the breeding of the Pink Flamingo, a species that is vulnerable throughout Europe.

For these actions, the Group was notably awarded the Marianne d'Or in 2014.