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Saunier de Camargue


Harvested in the Camargue region of France, this additive-free sea salt is particularly suitable for organic and natural products. You can also promote the origin of this salt to your customers.

In fact, Le Saunier de Camargue salts are the result of know-how handed down from generation to generation. Naturally white, it is harvested in the south of France at the Salin d'Aigues-Mortes, in the heart of wild nature and rare biodiversity.

Thanks to the unique character of Le Saunier de Camargue salts, you can sublimate the true nature of your products with appellations designed to fully satisfy your consumers.

In France, the Sel de Camargue/ Fleur de Camargue appellation is protected, and a process is underway to gain recognition as a PGI at European level.

-Natural: This untreated sea salt qualifies as "NATURAL". The Camargue salt marsh is a unique ecological site, part of the Natura 2000 network.

-Camargue origin: Highlight the CAMARGUE origin of this French salt to enhance the value of your products.

-For organic products: Our Le Saunier de Camargue salts have been verified by ECOCERT, and comply with regulation 834/2007 on organic products (sea salt without any additives, cf. annex VIII of regulation 889/2008, and obtained by a natural process).

-Fleur de Sel appellation: Discover a unique, delicate, crisp salt, more fragrant than traditional salt: LA FLEUR DE SEL. Born of an ephemeral crystallization on the surface of the water, this coarse-grained salt (up to 4 mm) has been hand-picked for 2000 years. Promote the "FLEUR DE SEL" label on your product. 68%* of consumers prefer a FLEUR DE SEL product to a classic product.


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